Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Upcoming Music project! (Lyrics at bottom) [Also subscribe]

I haven't taken part in releasing a recording or playing a live show since 2009.  In 2009 my band Iron Will played exactly one show and practiced maybe twice. Playing music always has always been a good emotional outlet for me.  That being said, I'm HOPING to put something together during the time I go home this winter break.  Anything really.

I recommend more people make music.  I am living proof that it doesn't take much talent.  When my first band got going, I played bass (an instrument I had no experience with) with a quarter for a pick and only strummed downwards.  Our first demo and show were played 2 and 3 weeks after I picked up the bass and quarter.

Bass players will be face palming right now.

For the last 2 years, my best friend and former band mate Jeff and I have thrown out a few band ideas and jammed several times. A fellow NC English teacher and I have talked about starting a band as well.  A lot of these ideas are REALLY good and things I would be excited to do, but they seem like they might not happen.

One thing I've noticed about the music industry, never make promises or go into too much detail about a project before it gets going.  That is how my band Maury worked.  We started as an Emo/Indie band called "In Loving Memory" before our first practice.  Look how that turned out.

Ok.  Back on topic.  Right now I've had a lot of inspiration to look at and write about different things, and I've had some success writing simple guitar songs.  All I know about this project right now is it will likely involve a line up of me and vocals and guitar and Jeff on drums and better guitar.  I think (based primarily on my lack of guitar skill) it will be very punk.  Very very punk.  Maybe not even in a good way.  I'm looking to do something like old Rites of Spring or a more punk version of the Get Up Kids.

Here are some lyrics I've been working on:

Deadtown (this is by FAR the most structured song I've ever written)
Growing up in a graveyard means skeletons for friends
And I’m not a phantom or at least I’d pretend
We’re writing excuses on cemetery walls
Paying lip service to prophets that we can’t recall
I know my reaction can’t be endless pleadings
But carry me away lord my heart beat is ceasing
One more sleepless night and I’m sick of this city
My back broken backwards and I’m feeling self pity

And I tried
And I failed
So I slept 

Interred at encampments made out of lost sacred tombs
We’re meeting our makers in motherless wombs
Forgive my unfaith but I think it’s disturbing
How we keep leaving but are always returning
Fate and my heart are always opposing
The veins of these streets are constricting and closing
Take me away from my duty and grief
I’d give it all up for a decade of sleep

Please forget my face and forgive my name
If this is forever then I’ll accept the blame
Straight talk has never been a problem with me
Alive under the radar with all my honesty
It’s in my head the bells are still ringing
If I have to scream these words I’ll still keep on singing
If I’m out of this place then it’s a whole different story
I’m still trapped on this earth, here in purgatory

Young Man (very disjointed, but I have the rhythm in my head)
I wish I could explain to you
all those things you could never understand
like life and love and growing up
and how things got so out of hand
Maybe you could forgive me for my mistakes
I hope you understand why things have to be this way
and they have to be this way
And I still believe in the same things
But as time goes on so much goes wrong
And you gotta know how we got here

Like that night when I held her hand 
and told her I wasn’t ready to sleep together
that I was waiting for my wife
And could we maybe talk about this later?
Another month went by and by and by
and she was out of my life forever
Just to clarify it still hurts

Or how the other one looked so pretty in that dress
While we danced and talked nothing, nothing, nothing
All night and met up a few others
And she looked so pretty in that dress
but we were both nothing, nothing, nothing
We parted on the worst terms sifting through the lies
And now I know I’m heartless because I just don’t care anymore

Remember the girl who told us thats he loved us
And you were dumb enough to believe her?
Well I’ve heard she is the mother
Of a child who could use a decent father
But it’s not me
It’s been years since we last spoke
There’s nothing left to say, there is nothing left to say
And I feel free

And how there were all those times I thought I wouldn’t make it
Through another song about the person that I used to be
But people still wanted that so I got up and delivered
And there aren’t x’s on my hands but theres no blood on my hands
And I couldn’t be happier than their current state
Even though people think the worst of me
I keep on keeping on

How could I ever explain to you
Did you know I am a teacher?
Thats the crazy thing, maybe we both saw this coming
But I never thought I’d see the day, and maybe I still haven’t
I stay up only by drinking black coffee
But I remember the days as well as you do
That I couldn’t sleep to save my life
Maybe I still can’t

Young man you’ll get your share of scars
and you will let them shake you
But I can promise you’ll won’t be broken
Even though every word I’ve spoken
Is so damn true
And I know you’ll keep waiting
Because I am still waiting, waiting, waiting
Could you just continue to believe in me
Like I still smile when I remember you?

And I’ll try to be the man, that everyone said
we both could be.

So here you go.  I don't know how this is going to end up, but I really want to record these.  The first one already has the guitar work complete!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More poetry, very different

Here are some new things I've been working on.  Different than my usual stuff.  Also, apparently when i changed layouts it took out line breaks in old poem posts

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First post in forever. Forever.

First of all, subscribe to this blog.  Once december hits, I will have a lot more content.  For now, I am student teaching and can't post anything about it.  Which is infuriating. It violates some sort of rule.  I have so much to say!

I will say this: teaching is all about reflecting on your practice.  IF you are not reflecting, you will at some point cease to be a good teacher.  If you are reflecting and are honest about it, you should continue to improve.  This is important.

I would like to post some more content that is not my own so please email me.  I have some poems and songs I've been working on I will post soon enough.

As far as my development as a writer: had one poem published, and will be attempting nanowrimo.

I think I might jot down some thoughts here soon.  I've got a lot on my mind.


Dig the new lay out.

Dig it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beer Review Session #1

My friend Brandon and I have been talking about doing an entire blog for beer reviews for awhile, but it seems like we never have the motivation to get it going.  This will be a little test for that.  This past weekend my friend Seth and I tasted a few beers. There were all an impulse buy at a local Beer and Wine store. We drank these out of a tulip, chilled to recommended temperature.   Here are the results (copy and pasted from my profile at Beeradvocate.com, if you like beer sign up!):

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I had a long, wordy entry for this typed out but decided against posting it.  I feel like that would cheapen the experience for both me and you the reader.  If you would like information feel free to email me, facebook me or we could go get coffee or something sometime and talk about it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

HC Thursday

I was looking through my collection of music for stuff that wouldn't be on iTunes I could pass your collective way. Lots of Florida hardcore. Also some bands are on iTunes that you should check out (Black SS, Pg. 99, Years from Now, Myproof and many more you wouldn't expect).

As always if any of the individuals in these bands or labels have problems with these cd's being here for download, I will take them down upon request.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer update/Some new poems

I haven't posted a lot this summer.  Mostly cause I've had absolutely no drive to.  Which has been nice in it's own way.  I've gotten most of my to-do summer list done (or well underway).   Quitting smoking has been success with a little failure here and there (but on the right track).  Beat Okami and Adom. Reread some books, read other books.  Mexico Training is going good and leaving for that soon.

So here is some stuff I've been working on.  Enjoy.

[Edit: for some reason line breaks didn't show up. oh well.\